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Feel free to email us today on info@mrfixit.biz or contact us on : 073 420 9634

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About Mrfixit Handyman

If you are tired of the problem at your home/business and have heard endless stories about the problem or have been given a quote that feels like you took a "bail out package" and you feel like just giving up, rather speak to us. Together we can sit down over some coffee and discuss your concerns including your budget. We are also human just like you and like to help where others might have failed by restoring some faith in the Handyman Line in the hope of new referrals and future business. Please note we DO NOT charge a call out fee for the first time visit in the Tshwane Area.

Other Services Offered

Work that we don't do

Most double story roof related roof repairs unless the roof is easily accessible

Work that we do

Just because it's not on the list doesn't mean we can't do it, feel free to ask if you are unsure. Tel : 073 420 9634